In addition to the works on this website, Robert L. Blackburn also wrote Ben and the Critter Congress, a talking-animal fantasy designed to introduce the works found here. This paperback can be found on Amazon and in a few hundred used bookstores.

Recently, Robert L. Blackburn completed a soon-to-be-published short novel, The Rogue Revolutionist, which follows the plight of Charley Black when the U.S. government takes a nefarious interest in his computer program of the human mind and a malevolent interest in Charley. Look for it! Although some of works found here were written in the 1980s, a time of relative calm, they are not out-of-date. With ISIS, the propensity of humans to inflict pain and death upon others of the species because of their beliefs has grown completely out of control. Likewise, the artificial intelligence (AI) scientists are no closer to developing the program of the human mind, which will show humans the error of their ways and give them a chance to change. The AI scientists have developed all the supporting programs for the program of the mind (search engines, language databases, etc.), but they still cannot figure out how to make it think. They still have not read, The Computer Program of the Human Mind.

Today’s wars and potential wars illustrate the risks and dangers imposed by the self-inflicted insanity of our belief systems far greater than anything I could have envisioned when I began this endeavor. Humans remain totally unaware of what they are doing to themselves, and what needs to be done to stop doing it. They still have not built the computer model of the human mind.

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